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Welcome to the FoxedIn Network.

FoxedIn is a LGBTQ+ safe space focused on the furry community. We offer games, art, role-play, coding, memes, and much more!

The FoxedIn Network was originally founded by Cayoten in his free time in 2016, known as "The Firefox Clan". It was a small discord server for friends only, and never expected to grow to a large network such as this. As of now, this network contains a Minecraft Server, Telegram, Discord Server, and this website. This network currently has over 700 members across multiple platforms, acting as a LGBTQ+ safe haven for everyone. We have all sorts of channels varying from a cheerful corner, gaming chats, photography, memes, art commissions and sharing, role-play, and all sorts of other fun things! What're you waiting for? Come and join! We don't bite!

We have a Minecraft Network, with Survival and Creative!
Join our MC server with the IP: MC.FoxedIn.XYZ

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